Times To Be Determined

Grab a beverage of your choice and have an informal discussion with some of our authors in attendance. No lecture, no tests, no pretense - just a conversation about writing.  

I Want to be a Published Writer - Sit down with some local authors and learn about how they became published and how their experiences can help you shape your path to publication.

Is Self-Publishing for Me?  - Want to embrace the DIY spirit and self-publish your book? Let's discuss some of the potholes in your road and how you can avoid them. 

So You Want to be an Indie Screenwriter - The path to having your screenplay produced is as varied as a snowflake (not a precious one). Talk with a local screenwriter or two and find out how they got from idea to screen and what tips they may have for you. 

Poets and Poetry - Join some local poets to discuss "the process" and avenues to present your poetry to the world.