Aurore Press began publishing as an independent press in 2007.

Headquartered in Northside,  Aurore Press is the sweat of co-publishers Betsy Young and Chuck Byrd who felt after many drunken, but dead serious, conversations with the most amazing and creative people we knew there was a definite need to showcase some of these unique viewpoints, ideas and talents stewing in Cincinnati's creative scene on any given time (and not just when the media decides Cincinnati is "in").
Enigmatic Cincinnati based publisher of an eponymous semi-annual literary journal, chap books, poetry, non-fiction, and other curiosities has been bringing the written word (and art) to world since 1994. 
Porkbelly Press is an independent (small) chapbook press based in Porkopolis (Cincinnati, Ohio), where pigs fly. We’re a queer-friendly, feminist press open to all, and encourage works from poets & writers all along the identity spectrum. Our chapbooks & zines are printed in small & open edition, and Sugared Water & anthologies in collectible limited edition. All of our titles are bound by hand.
Formed in 2010 the singular goal of Post Mortem Press is to answer opportunity's call by providing an outlet for both new and established writers of speculative fiction. The likes of Clive Barker, Joe Hill, Harlan Ellison, Jonathan Maberry, F. Paul Wilson, Jack Ketchum, and many more have graced the pages of Post Mortem Press anthologies.

Founder Eric Beebe brings practical experience in both business and publishing, but not the publishing business (a good thing - really). This marriage of business knowledge and a love of books has created a sustainable small press. Our business model allows us to consider works that may be overlooked by the mainstream.